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The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust

Dingle, Co. Kerry, Irela



Education programme

The Trust sponsors young people from the area at second and third level education institutions within Malawi. Many Trust sponsored students have completed secondary school and some are continuing their studies at The University of Malawi. Nursing, accountancy, journalism, health sciences and agricultural economics are amongst the degrees currently being pursued.Ongoing training and capacity building amongst the staff at the clinic continues.


Under fives supplementary feeding programme

More than 50% of all patients presenting at the clinic are under 14 years old. Children who have been identified by the medical team as being at risk of severe malnourishment are given Likuni Phala, a fortified high energy cereal type food. The food distribution takes place at the clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays. The children are brought to the clinic and assessed on a weekly basis. This programme is funded by the Trust, supported by Dutch friends of the clinic.


Family Planning Services

A comprehensive family planning service has recently been initiated at the clinic. Working with Banja La Mtsogolo  a local reproductive healthcare organisation all aspects of family planning and reproductive health are available to the community. This addition to the clinic services has been welcomed by the Malawi Ministry for Health.



School Health Programme

Supported by Cavan County Council (Ireland) The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic conducts school health programme in the local primary school. Due to the presence of Bilharzia in the lake many of the children in the area contract this disease. The disease left untreated has many side effects and causes anaemia and growth retardation in young children. Helminthic infestation is also common amongst the children. There are 1850 children registered in the local primary school. Bi -annual treatment of Bilharzia and other helminthic infections are carried out by medical staff from the clinic.This on- going programme has contributed greatly to the improvement of the general health amongst the children in the community.

The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust and Billy's Malawi Project USA works to improve the overall health status of the village of Cape Maclear (Chembe Village) through the provision of a medical clinic and health center. The Trust provides educational opportunities and support. It is the objective of the Trust to provide relief of suffering and deprivation in this community.