Electrical storms are commonplace at this time of year in Cape Maclear village and being hit directly by lightning not unusual. Recently, this November 2020 the electrical storms have been plentiful and intense. There are many, many houses in the village which have a straw or thatched roofs including our own. The clinic has a metal roof. Electrical storms pose a real threat of fire in buildings with non-metallic roofs.

Recently this November 2020 the electrical storms have been plentiful and intense. This time it was the turn of the volunteer center to take the hit and the solar system bore the brunt of the strike. The volunteer Center is in the middle of the village and close to the lake, we are tasked with the responsibility of storing and keeping the only fire hose and pump in working order. There is no fire dept in the area, so the pump and firehose are all we possess to fight fires. If a fire is less than 30 yards from the water source, the lake, we can use the fire hose and pump to fight the fire.

Presently, the cost of the repairs is unclear. The  Danforthsolar company has ordered the parts from South Africa. We do have government electricity, but that comes and goes all the time and we would like the solar back as quickly as possible. However, nothing in Africa happens quickly. We will have to be content with what we do have and ……wait !!!

Here are pictures taken lakeside of our “Fire Brigade” which consists of men from the village who work as the clinic watchmen posing with our fire equipment!  A far cry from the fire service in the world we live in!