Since the inception of the Billy’s Malawi Project USA in 2007, our mission has been to raise money for the Billy Riordan Memorial Trust. Our primary goal is to provide funds that will support their efforts in improving the overall health status of the village of Cape Maclear (Chembe Village), by granting all villagers access to the medical clinic and health center. It is the objective of both the Billy Riordan Memorial Trust and Billy’s Malawi Project USA to provide relief of suffering and deprivation in this community.

It has now been over 12 years that Billy’s Malawi Project USA has helped to improve the lives of those living in Chembe Village, Cape Mclear. And over 15 years since Billy’s Clinic has been up and running providing medical care to this community. It is only because of the generous gifts from our committed donors that Billy’s Malawi Project USA has been able to help fund various projects and improvements such as medications,  Solar electricity, the building of the Ward Cromer AIDS/HIV Clinic, an ambulance, supportive emergency medical staffing for the malaria season, protective barrier fencing for the clinic, food in the face of famine, just to name a few. 

Our next goal is to give a financial grant that will assist in the purchase of Tonometry. This piece of equipment is a tool that tests for Glaucoma, a serious eye disease that is very prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. If found in the early stages, the progression of the disease can be halted, preventing blindness. This work never ends. There will always more needs to be met. A big “Thank You” to all who help to support our cause in addressing these many needs.